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The Dossier

Ultimate Organiser

This is a product that was designed to help create an experience for the client that they will never forget.
I know when I bought my new home i had paper / colour selections / contracts etc everywhere, to this day  I could not tell you where everything is. With this in mind we developed ‘The Dossier’ which is a company branded (logos, tag lines) folder that can be adapted to any home builder.
The idea for the folder is to hold everything that the client will be given from day one; from business cards to spare house keys.
The impact of giving this gift to your purchasers on signing of the contract is outstanding, not to mention the fact that this folder will be stored in your purchasers home where your brand will be noticed.
Your company can have the choice of colors and accessories as listed below, all individually branded with your companies logo.
  • Notebook
  • Pencil & Rubber
  • Calculator
  • Ruler
  • Expandable File
  • Name card holders
  • CD Holder

 All of the above can be mixed and matched depending on your requirements.
For more information on how we can develop a product to suit your company email one of our representatives today
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